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LayneRT™ adsorption media is the Core component in the Nelsen Arsenic Reduction System. LayneRT is a proprietary, durable, Arsenic selective media, developed as a significant improvement on the efficiency and longevity of traditional Arsenicmedia. It is a reliable, high capacity technology that effectively reduces Arsenic to safe levels without wasting any water or sending any waste water back into the environment through the drain. Nelsen Arsenic Reduction Systems feature the Nelsen 7000PID Arsenic Reduction Control Valve and LayneRT™ adsorption media. The 7000PID is a non-backwashing controller programed for the specific water chemistry for each installation. The controller indicates the capacity of system and the remaining safe levels of media adsorption. When service is required your water treatment professional removes and replaces the Arsenic adsorption material when the monitoring system notifies you of replacement. All waste material is removed from the treatment site and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner no mess, no worries.

Nelsen Arsenic Reduction System Advantages:

• No connection to sewer or septic required

• System is always in service

• System life monitoring

• No wasted water

• Exhausted media is nonhazardous and passes TCLP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure)

• Material disposal - no Arsenic

laden waste is released at home

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